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Fairmount Cemetery

IvyChapel4Someone once described Fairmount in these words, 

"In summer's cool morning, I walk through this land. Today, I may come across  a doe or a fawn; spy an eagle in flight or a fox with young. Fresh pine boughs and jasmine fill the air with the sweetness of life." 

Fairmount is everything described in the following pages, BUT in reality, this simple poem says it all.

This historic and beautiful cemetery is a Denver landmark, founded in 1890. It is the lasting home for many well-known and prominent people in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The "Little Ivy Chapel" listed on the national historic register, is  located as you enter the cemetery from the Quebec street entrance. The "Ivy", is  at the top of the hill and is one of our four chapels used by our mortuary.

This wildlife preserve in the city is home to hundreds of species of wildlife and boasts over 3800 trees on over 280 acres.

In the tradition of many beautiful cemeteries in the country, Fairmount offers a variety of choices to our families.  Ranging from ground burial allowing for markers flush to the ground and the more traditional sites allowing above ground monuments. On our grounds you will also find the special areas for families and over 150 private mausoleums. The cemetery has both an outdoor and indoor mausoleum for those families who prefer to be above ground.


Fairmount Survey

Our desire at Fairmount is to assist our families at a difficult time.  Please help us continue to provide excellent service that our families deserve by filling out this short survey.  Your contact information, if you choose to include it, will be used for future notification of upcoming events and changes in operations at Fairmount.  Thank you for your support!



Highline Garden      


Located adjacent to Denver's historic Highline Canal, Fairmount's newest development, the Highline Gardens offers an inspired mix of memorial options for the families who prefer cremation. This garden offers a unique combination the history and beauty that is Fairmount with the new and innovative style that is our future.


Story Behind the Stone

Every month we feature an interesting headstone or marker and the person who lived a  life remembered.

This month we honor and celebrate the life of   the John Winters Knox family

The Knox Family plot is located in Block 11, Lot 125.  The Knox family was quite prominent in Denver during the late 1800's; as a matter of fact Knox Court was named after them.  When Anna Sarah Knox, daughter of John Knox, was married it was "the event" in Denver society for that week and the local newspaper cited John W Knox as a prominent member of society. 

John's sister, Sarah Knox, was the first wife of Williams B. Daniels of the Daniels and Fisher fame.  They were only married a short time before Sarah passed away.  John Knox and William Daniels remained life long friends.

Another interesting tidbit regarding the Knox family; Susan Townsend Knox, John Knox's wife, was on the first passenger train that arrived in Denver in September 1870 over the Kansas Pacific Railroad.


If you have a story behind the stone to share or would like you Family mentioned, please send an email to jcavoto@fairmountcemetery.net

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