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Cemetery Preplanning

You’ve built your life with good decisions. Insure that the next chapter meets your expectations as well.

Pre–planning creates a legal agreement that ensures your body and much of the service will be carried out to your standards and wishes.

If you love to golf, why not hold a service with golf being the focal point, like golf bag, towel. tee’s, clubs even giving away golf balls with the deceased name on them?

Every day, in every way, we create meaningful experiences by customizing funerals to fit the lives of those who lived them.

A celebration of life helps the living. By holding a rite of remembrance, survivors achieve greater appreciation for those who have gone.

Our staff works to insure your vision is carried out throughout every detail. We can help you make all the arrangements from coordinating a spiritual leader, a champagne toast, or even a polka band!


Personal Life Celebration

Personalized funerals are a way to express the things that were important to you in your life, to demonstrate a lasting eternal impression of you.

It also is a very touching and intimate way for your family to sense you and bring closure for them.

Personal Life celebrations help create grieving moments for your loved ones, allowing them to draw close to one another, to share remembrances of you.

Through these experiences, emotion is transmuted from grief to heartfelt appreciation, from pain to love and from despair to hope.


Make good decisions

Pre-planning your funeral ensures that your wishes are carried out. It relieves your family and loved ones of the cost, worry and stress, giving them a chance to heal and remember what a unique reflection you left on their lives.


Smart Financial Planning

We can assist you in preparing for the expenses of your funeral so that your family doesn’t have to. Pre-planning also allows you to lock in a price, that won’t be affected by inflation, and there is no income tax liability.

We can help you set money aside each year, or provide for you the details of how the Medicare spending down program works.

When you preplan you can rest assured that you will receive the very best we have to offer, at a lesser rate than many of our competitors. We want to make it easier for you by offering a variety of different plans and payment options to help meet your individual needs.


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