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Our Family

Kelly W. Briggs

President & CEO

Kelly has been with Fairmount for 39 years. He started in 1975 as a mechanic, repairing vehicles and heavy equipment. He then worked as a member of the internment crew and later became Cemetery Manager. In 1995, Kelly was promoted to Vice President and later the President/CEO in 2004. Kelly’s job is to empower every member of the Fairmount staff to provide caring and compassionate funeral, cemetery and cremation services to the communities Fairmount serves, and to ensure that each family celebrates the life of their loved one with honor, dignity and respect. You can often find Kelly outside as he deeply appreciates that Fairmount is a silent city of peace surrounded by natural beauty.

Kendra J. Briggs

Vice President of Operations & Customer Service

Kendra has been with Fairmount since 1998. She began as a Funeral Director and in 2012 became the Vice President of Operations and Customer Service. Kendra monitors Fairmount’s operations to ensure efficiency and provide the absolute best customer service to the families that entrust Fairmount. She also analyzes data and trends to better understand the changing needs of the families Fairmount serves. Kendra loves the fact that Fairmount remains dedicated to carrying out the founding families’ original vision, to provide a beautiful resting place for Colorado residents.

Andrew Zavilla

Vice President of Cemetery

Andy began his career at Fairmount more than 34 years ago. Starting his career from the ground up, Andy spent time learning every facet of cemetery operations including irrigation, new development, plot design, and finance. He oversees the protection of Fairmount’s water and natural resources as one of Colorado’s most beautiful and historic arboretums. He also helps to ensure the sustainability and preservation of Fairmount so that families will have a dignified and peaceful experience both today and in the future. Andy has been the Vice President of the Board of Directors since 2006.

Michael P. Long
Director of Business Development

Bob Smith
Director, Sales and Marketing

Dennis Smith
Family Service Specialist

Guy Ohl

John W. Touris
Cemetery Grounds Manager

Nicholas Parks
Cemetery Ground Assistant

Alonso Martinez
Cemetery Grounds

Raul Martinez
Cemetery Grounds

Oscar Ontiveros
Cemetery Grounds

Cesar Perez
Cemetery Grounds

Alvaro Piedra
Cemetery Grounds

Steven M. Swafford
Cemetery Grounds

Sam Bethel
Cemetery Grounds

Joe Apodaca
Director of Maintenance

Elizabeth Bielajew
Administrative Accountant

Mary Ann Bills
Communications Operator

Diane Kandt
Manager of First Impressions

Maria Medina
Support Staff

Margaret Zalewski
Operations Support Specialist

Rocio Zavala
Support Staff

Earl “Joe” Walters
Mausoleum Manager

Tim Wilson
Senior Family Service Specialist

Hana Kim
Family Service Specialist

Kim Sieton
Family Service Specialist

Karen Jefferson
Family Service Specialist