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Denver Landmarks: Fairmount Cemetery

Fairmount, founded in 1890, hosts two Denver Historic landmarks: the Ivy Chapel and the Gate Lodge. But historic and beautiful Fairmount cemetery is a Denver landmark in its own right. The cemetery is a preserve to hundreds of wildlife, 3800 trees and heritage roses. The 280 acres are adjacent to Denver’s Highline Canal, and as Denver’s second oldest cemetery, many prominent Denver leaders, pioneers and families have made Fairmount Cemetery their final resting place and have become a part of our history.

Fairmount Cemetery: History is alive here

Do you recognize these names?

  • William Newton Byers (the creator of Denver’s first newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News)
  • John Wesley Iliff (the namesake of the Iliff school of Theology)
  • Florence Rena Sabin (medical scientist, health care reformist, philanthropist)
  • Henry Moore Teller (early Colorado Senator)
  • W.A.H Loveland (businessman largely responsible for Colorado’s railway)
  • David H. Moffat (responsible for the Union Pacific Railroad)
  • Helen G Bonfils (responsible for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Bonfils Blood Bank)

These, and many more, can be found here at Fairmount Cemetery.

Fairmount Cemetery: Beauty exists here

The layout of the cemetery was created by German landscape architect Reinhard Schuetze, who was also responsible for the design of City Park and Cheesman Parks in Denver. The serene, park-like setting of Fairmount was intentional, with sweeping vistas, trees, rose gardens, statues and unique buildings. Designated by the Division of Wildlife as a Colorado Wildlife Viewing area, sightings of deer, fox, coyote, hawks, eagles, owls and other birds, are quite frequent.

Families of any religion and walk of life can be laid to rest with dignity surrounded by the true beauty of trees, flowers, and water, all cared for year round. Visit a loved one or walk the serene grounds while learning more about history, nature or the many activities Fairmount offers local families.

Fairmount Cemetery: Historic Landmark Ivy Chapel

Within the 280 acres that makes up Fairmount Cemetery is the Ecclesiastical Gothic Ivy Chapel. Built in 1890, the same year as the cemetery, it features a sky penetrating spire, arches and windows. Twenty six feet wide and sixty four feet long, Henry Ten Eyck Wendell’s design reminds onlookers of a miniature Notre Dame Cathedral.

The space is typically used for services and celebrations of all kind and seats up to 200. Historic and beautiful, it is worth a visit when touring the grounds.

Fairmount Cemetery: Historic Landmark Gate Lodge

Also built in 1890, the Gate Lodge was home to the cemetery’s superintendent and his family as well as the sexton. The 20 foot archway served as the entrance to the 280 acre property. Today, the building serves as offices for the new Q event center and offices and archives of the Fairmount Heritage Foundation.

We invite you to come take a tour of the Fairmount Cemetery grounds, including the Gate Lodge and Ivy Chapel. While here, visit the Veteran’s memorials, the wind chimes and the Fairmount Mausoleum. Call ahead to schedule a walking tour and learn more about what this Denver landmark has to offer.