John-Iliff Quiz


 Can you name a well-known historic Denver citizen that was buried at both Riverside and Fairmount???



  • He was born in Ohio in 1831
  • He attended Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Moved to Denver in 1859 and began a mercantile store
  • To get a supply of meat for miners he started a ranch north-east of Denver, along South Platte River
  • Became the “Cattle King of Colorado”
  • Owned up to 10,00 acres, 25,000 cattle, employed up to 50 cowboys
  • Also supplied meat to the workers building the Union Pacific Railroad
  • His ranch headquarters is now the Town of Iliff, Colorado
  • After railroad completed, sent beef to the Chicago Stockyards
  • He married Elizabeth Fraser in 1870 (12 years his junior)
  • She was a Singer Sewing Machine Saleswoman
  • They had three children, Edna, Louise, and John Jr.
  • In 1878 he died at age 46 from drinking “bad water” on his ranch
  • He was originally buried at Riverside Cemetery
  • His widow erected a monument 33 feet high, topped by a statue of the Roman Goddess Minerva
  • His widow remarried to Bishop Henry White Warren in 1883
  • She and the Bishop began the Iliff School of Theology
  • Denver’s Iliff Avenue and Iliff School of Theology are named for John
  • Elizabeth died in 1920 and is buried in Block 63 at Fairmount Cemetery
  • Later in 1920, John Iliff’s body and the monument
    were moved to Fairmount to be beside Elizabeth.

        By Tom Morton







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