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Military Veterans Buried at Fairmount Cemetery

Fairmount Cemetery is home to several of Colorado’s historical figures and veterans. Of them are those who have served in several wars including:






Viet Nam

World War I

World War II

Lt. Col. Stephen W. Dorsey (February 28, 1842- March 20, 1916)

A Union war veteran, he enlisted in the Union forces in the Civil War as a private, and served throughout the conflict. At its end, Dorsey held the rank of Lt. Colonel. After the war, Col. Dorsey was a United States Senator from Arkansas from 1873 to 1879.

Major General Orlando Ward (November 4, 1891- February 4, 1972)

General Ward is probably the most decorated veteran in the cemetery. He was a veteran of four wars including the Mexican War, WWI, WWII and the Korean War. He retired in 1953 after 44 years of service to our country.

John Gaylord Church (April 25, 1973- February 25, 1953)

The only military marker in the cemetery with three wars noted upon it, John Gaylord Church served in the Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII. He was a Captain in the US Navy.

Guy S Hooper (1877-1900)

Guy served in the 1st Colorado Infantry. His monument is worth as visit as the carved stone is in the shape of a backpack with a hat resting on the top. Located in Block 12 at the Fairmount Cemetery.

Francis Brown Lowry (December 1, 1894- September 26, 1918)

Lieutenant Lowry was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery in France when he was killed there. He was buried there and then moved to Fairmount in 1921. The Lowry Air Base in Colorado was named after him.

Herbert Adams Lafferty (1876 – September 17, 1898)

Lieutenant Lafferty was a graduate of West Point class of 1898 and went directly into the Spanish-American War were we was injured and eventually died from his wounds.

Thomas M. Patterson (November 4, 1839- July 23, 1916 )

A Civil War veteran, journalist, and political leader, he was elected Colorado’s first United States Representative and later returned to Washington DC as a US Senator.

General Don Carlos Hasselteno (1825-1903)

Sentenced to death three times in three different countries, Don Carlos Hasselteno was a graduate of Miami and Yale Universities, Heidelberg University and the Naval Academy. He fought in the Civil War and became a prisoner of war but escaped to St. Louis. He was ordered to report for the Union Navy and later fought in the Spanish-American war.

W.A.H. Loveland (1826-1894)

William Austin Hamilton Loveland was a veteran of the Mexican-American War of 1848. He helped plan the layout of Golden, Colorado and was responsible for making it the state’s capital until 1867. He was the President and Founder of the Colorado School of Mines. Both the mountain pass and town of Loveland are named after him.

Henry M. Porter (1838- ?)

Porter was captured by Confederate troops in 1861 while stringing line for the Overland Telegraph. After his release, he came to Denver, became wealthy through banking and is responsible for creating Porter Memorial Hospital. Henry M. Porter is featured in the Colorado Business Hall of Fame.

These are only a small sample of the veterans at Fairmount Cemetery. If you would like to pay your respects to any service veterans, give us a call and we can give you more information about where they are located or even arrange a free tour. While here, visit our Nisei Memorial in Block 35. Block 39 is where the Spanish-American War plot is located and Block 40 is dedicated to World War I veterans and Block 38 is connected to the Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center.