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Are there still burial spaces open at Fairmount?

Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado is the area’s second oldest cemetery. Many natives have stories they tell of their own personal experiences here- from learning to drive (not recommended), to telling ghost stories about the people buried here, to the serene scenery and wildlife. So it’s no wonder people think Fairmount Cemetery is “full”. The truth is, the multi-acre property has built several new areas, and even opened areas previously unavailable. What does this mean for you?

Spaces open at Fairmount

Block 81 is a historical area of Fairmount that has recently redesigned, creating more space. This means you or your loved one can become part of Colorado’s rich history by being interred beside pioneers. Historians, archivists, reenactors, teachers, military, politicians, philanthropists and more can be found among the headstones from as far back as the late 1800’s. Imagine future visitors hearing the stories, not only of Denver’s founders, but also those who loved this great city and chose to be buried with its historical figures.

In additional to burial spaces open at Fairmount, they continue to create beautiful gardens and terraces designed for family and friends to visit and enjoy the peaceful park-like setting Fairmount is known for.

When was the last time you visited Fairmount?

You may be surprised just how much Fairmount has changed over the years. And, they want you to visit. Do you know about these spaces open at Fairmount?

The Mausoleum. Featuring the state’s largest collection of private stained glass as well as prominent Colorado founding families, the mausoleum is a sight to see. Think of the color “RED” as you discover the red velvet chairs in the chapel, hear the story of the Bonfils (think blood), and even find the person behind the Red Baron.

Lower Ivy Terrace Mausoleums. Brand new to accommodate the request for additional space, these modern outdoor mausoleums incorporate designs from the other buildings on Fairmount to create a historical fusion.


If you haven’t been to Fairmount in a while, we invite you to come explore once again. Learn about the lives of those here, take a tour of the new areas, explore the trees and flowers on your own and talk with a friendly pre-planning specialist to discover spaces open at Fairmount allowing you to become part of Denver’s beautiful history.