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You plan for the major life events and milestones, so why not consider this one? As difficult as it may be to contemplate, your family will appreciate being relieved of this stress during a time of greif. So many of these costs occur in the first 24-72 hours of your death and can be incredibly taxing on your loved ones while they’re already grieving. By preplanning and locking in the price of your funeral home and cemetery expenses, you can not only finance it yourself in an affordable way, but you can relieve this large burden from the shoulders of your family.

At Fairmount we have pre-planning experts that can guide you through this entire process. Please call 303-399-0692 and ask for Bob Smith to set up an appointment to receive a free Personal Planning Organizer that is a great tool that will help guide you through the entire pre-planning process.

Top 10 Reasons to Pre-Fund Your Final Arrangements

  1. You remove the financial obligation and additional stress from your surviving spouse or children.
  1. You eliminate family or sibling disagreements over costs and choices of goods and services desired.
  1. You eliminate “emotional overspending,” which often occurs when arrangements are not pre-planned.
  1. The costs for final arrangements are paid at today’s prices, thus eliminating the problem with inflation.
  1. You can select the terms to suit your budget.
  1. When using insurance-funded products, your pre-need funeral arrangements can be transferred if you move.
  1. For those who qualify, if the death occurs during the payment period, the prepaid services may be paid in full.
  1. Other life insurance proceeds are available to assist a surviving spouse maintain current lifestyle by making up for the deceased’s lost income and settling expenses such as hospitalization, estate liquidation, etc.
  1. If a Medicaid spend-down becomes necessary, prearrangements are not considered an asset.
  1. You create peace of mind for you and your family, knowing that everything is taken care of in advance.