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Project Update : Visitor Services Area Renovation / Lower Ivy Terrace


Date: 04.04.2016

Improvements for Fairmount Cemetery and the Fairmount Cemetery Company (FCC) were discussed for several years and included the areas known as Lower Ivy Terrace and the Visitor Services Area. As lead consultant, Cemetery Planning Resource Alliance (CPRA) collaborated closely with FCC on identifying these two areas and the specific scope of work that was needed for the two developments.

Phase I of the Lower Ivy Terrace development has three outdoor or garden mausoleums uniquely designed and integrated with private burial estates in a beautiful setting near the new improvements of the Visitor Services Area (VSA). The mausoleums were designed by CPRA and in conjunction with Gibraltar Mausoleum Construction.

The Visitor Services Area improvements included a total site, entry gate, road and parking reconfiguration as well as a new building addition and re-programming of the existing chapel, administration and mortuary office.

Sprocket Design Build (SDB) was chosen as architect and general contractor for the project and led the development into construction after the site and building designs were readied.