At Fairmount Cemetery

In 1891, the first year of Fairmount’s development, it received almost 7,500 plantings—more than 4,000 saplings, 100 large trees, 220 evergreens, 200 vines and creepers, nearly 2,000 shrubs, 380 roses and 585 herbaceous plants. Fairmount’s green canopy and park-like atmosphere is the brainchild of landscape architect Reinhard Schuetze. His work at Fairmount immediately became the talk of Denver, and he subsequently designed City, Congress and Washington Parks, as well as the areas around the Capitol. Today, Schuetze is known as the father of Denver’s park system.

From the very beginning, Fairmount was designed to resemble a lush park, a formidable challenge in this high plains desert that receives an average of just 15 inches of annual precipitation.

Today, Schuetze’s grand vision continues to grow and is as vibrant as ever—Fairmount remains Colorado’s largest arboretum. Designated a wildlife viewing area by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Fairmount is home to deer, fox and numerous other mammals, as well as diverse species of birds, including hawks, owls and Golden Eagles.

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