Fairmount Mausoleum

At Fairmount Cemetery

In the heart of the Great Depression, Fairmount constructed and opened its Mausoleum. The year was 1930, and the structure was then the largest building of its kind between Kansas City and the West Coast. Today, the Mausoleum hosts one of the largest private collections of stained glass in Denver.Constructed in 1929, the Fairmount Community Mausoleum brings families a comforting sense of history and beauty. The building’s white marble walls and rose marble floors accent its exterior Greek Doric columns. The chapel showcases a stained glass window depicting Mount of the Holy Cross in Morrison, Colorado.

WIthin the mausoleum, various sizes of glass-front niches are available. These allow families to personalize niches with photos and mementos. Marble front niches contain the inscription of loved ones’ names and dates. One more family crypt is available in the mausoleum, please contact Fairmount Cemetery to inquire more.

Call 303-399-0692 to schedule your tour of our beautiful grounds.

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