The Gate Lodge

At Fairmount Cemetery

A Denver Historic Landmark, the Gate Lodge was built in 1890 and now houses the Fairmount Heritage Foundation. It originally housed the cemetery’s offices as well as served as a home for the sexton and his family. It was patterned after the Richardsonian Library architectural style and was constructed of blue-white sandstone. The roadway into the cemetery ran through a twenty foot archway in the center of the building. It contained eight rooms and four bedrooms, plus a parlour, dining room, and kitchen.

Today, it is known by Denverites and anyone who sees it knows there is history there. It is hard to imagine trains coming here or the horse drawn carriages that passed through the gate so many years ago. We see the curtains in the windows and wonder who has peeked through those to look at the cemetery, full of some of the most influential people in Colorado.

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