The Ivy Chapel

At Fairmount Cemetery

Let the flying buttresses and barbed finials transport you to a time of Kings and Queens of the 13th Century Paris. Passion and honor, like that of Joan the Arc can be felt within the walls. Built in 1890, the Ivy Chapel reflects 13th century Ecclesiastical French Gothic architecture and is designated a historical landmark by the City of Denver. The Chapel is reminiscent of Notre Dame and other grand cathedrals in France, only on a much smaller scale at twenty-six feet wide and sixty-four feet long with a 90 foot steeple. The chapel is Denver’s best example of this architectural style and was created by Henry Ten Eyck Wendall. It seats 70-80 people.

Picture yourself in medieval Paris, knights, crowns, robes, beautiful flowing fabrics… and the Ivy Chapel will take you there.

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