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Riverside Cemetery History

Denver’s Pioneer Cemetery
Founded 1876                                      (Rules and Regulations)

Founded by the Riverside Cemetery Association without a written agreement on water rights or an endowment, Riverside is Denver’s oldest operating cemetery and was designated a National Historic District in 1994.

The statuary at Riverside celebrates 138 years of Colorado history; unique sculptures in granite, marble, limestone and bronze stand as the guardians of Riverside’s history. Among the collection of irreplaceable funerary art is a rare zinc exact likeness soldier monument, part of the largest known collection of zinc monuments in North American.

Riverside is a reflection of the cultural diversity of the early settlers and the final resting place of many of Colorado’s most notable citizens including: Clara Brown, Augusta Tabor, Miguel Otero, Barney & Julia Ford, Cpt. Silas Soule, and Gov. John Evans, as well as 1,200 Civil War veterans, including three Medal of Honor recipients.

The Riverside Revival, now in its 7th year, is planting a sustainable landscape while preserving the monuments, history and heritage of Riverside. Community collaboration at its best, the Riverside Revival is crucial to ensuring that Riverside is preserved for future generations.

History of the Riverside Chapel, Crematorium and Office 

History of the Old Stone House

View video slideshow below of the Historic Riverside Cemetery, then, now and future preservation efforts.

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